How to Customize Subtitles in VLC Media Player

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How to Customize Subtitles in VLC Media Player

Adding subtitles in VLC is a helpful feature; for many people who watch videos in a language they’re not fluent in, or for those who are hard of hearing. VLC Media Player offers a variety of options for customizing subtitles to make them easier to read and more visually appealing. You can change the position of the subtitle and more.

By default, it displays white text with a black border around it for visibility. Customizing subtitles can be especially helpful for individuals with visual impairments or dyslexia. Here, we’ll explore the steps for customizing subtitles in VLC Media Player, including changing font size, color, and appearance.

Customize Subtitles in VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player has a feature that allows you to customize subtitles according to your preferences. Here’s how you can customize subtitles in VLC Media Player:

Step 1: Open VLC Media Player on your computer. If not installed, check our guide to download the latest version on VLC.

Step 2: Click on the “Tools” option on the top menu bar and then click on “Preferences.” Or, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P to open the preferences window.

Accessing Preferences Option on VLC

Step 3: It will open the “Preferences” window. Click the “Subtitles/OSD” menu and check the box next to the “Enable Subtitles” option to enable subtitles.

Enabling Subtitles from the Preferences Window in VLC

Step 4: In the same window. You also get the “Subtitles Effects” section. From here, you can customize the font and font size. Select the preferred font and font size from the drop-down menu.

Select the Font Family and Font Size for Subtitle in VLC

Step 5: To change the color of the subtitles, select the color from the “Text Default Color” option. You can also change the outline color. To change, choose the color from the “Outline Color” option.

Changing the Subtitle Color and Outline Color

Step 6: If you want more readability, you can adjust the outline thickness of the subtitle. Select your preferred thickness from the drop-down menu.

Change Outline Thickness of Subtitle

Step 7: Here, you can also add the shadow and background color of the subtitles. If you want, you can also change the position of the subtitles on the screen. Once you’ve made your desired changes, click “Save” to save your preferences.

Adding Shadow and Background to the Subtitle in VLC Media Player

After that, relaunch VLC Media Player to see the changes.


That’s it; this is how you can customize subtitles in VLC Media Player. So, the next time you’re using VLC Media Player to watch a video, take advantage of its subtitle customization feature to enhance your viewing experience. I hope you find this guide helpful. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to write them in the comment section below. I will surely reply to you.

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